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Open Plant of the Night September 2016

Cym. Louie's Pride 'Smiles'
Owner: B Ng


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Next Meeting Thursday 27th October commencing 7.40pm

Concord Community Centre
1A Gipps Street
Concord NSW 2137







Novice Plant of the Night September 2016

Coel. flaccida
Owner: G&SW Cook
















First Class 22 Seedling

V. Cherry Blossom
Owner: N&K Koutsoukis


Winners of Rhodes Spring Show

Nestor & Dora Tzelis

with Five Dock President Kathy


First Class 1 Cymbidium Standard over 90mm
No image available
Cym.Valley Splash 'Awesome'
Owner: B Ng

First Class 3 Cymbidium Miniature up to 60mm

Cym. Dr. Len 'Ruby Sunset'
Owner: N&D Tzelis



First Class 4 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Exhibition Type

Rlc. Mem. Warren Jones
Owner: L Mayer



First Class 5 Laeliinae (Cattleya) 66-110mm

C. Brazilian Midway x C. Cherry Chip
Owner: D&P Booth


First Class 6 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Mini up to 65mm

Rly. Swan's Shy
Owner: B&C Frugtniet


First Class 8 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Species

C. loddigesii 'Solitary Island'
Owner: N&K Koutsoukis


First Class 12 Dendrobium Hazrd & Soft Cane

Den. Roy Ziems 'The Baron'
Owner: B Prentice

First Class 13 Vandaceous

Ren. vietnamensis
Owner: P&J D'Olier



First Class 14A Oncidiinae Hybrids up to 35mm

Oncsa. Aloha Iwanaga
Owner: B&C Frugtniet



First Class 15 Oncidiinae Hybrids 36-60mm

Ons. Midnight Mirtacles
Owner: B Ng

First Class 16 Oncidiinae Hybrids over 61mm

Alcra. Lunatic Fringe 'Ikes Yikes'
Owner: R Moon





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