"February 2010 Class Winners"

The following pictures are from our monthly meeting

First Class 15 Odontoglossum Alliance

Wils. Hilda Plumtree 'Purple Wings'

Owner: N & K Koutsoukis




First Class 16 Species Americas

Onc. truliferum 'Royale x Self'

Owner: P Denaro

First Class 17 Species Asia

Phal. bellina

Owner: P Yeung & J Keenan


First Class 21 Australian Native Orchid Hybrids

Den. Cascade 'Black Eyes'

Owner: N & K Koutsoukis




Class 22 Australian Native Orchid Species

Den. bigibbum

Owner: P Yeung & J Keenan


First Class 23 Australian Sarcanthinae Hybrid

Sarco. Jill

Owner: N & K Koutsoukis

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