"September 2019 - A Selection of Plants Benched"

The following pictures are from our monthly meeting

Open Plant of the Night September 2019


Novice Plant aof the Night September 2019




Onc. maculatum
Owner: N&D Tzelis


Cym. Ruby Pendant 'Red Cascade'
Owner: I Allan

First Class 1 Cymbidium over 90mm

First Class 1A Cymbidium Intermediate 61-90mm

First Class 2 Cymbidium Miniature up to 60mm


Owner: S&L Campagna

Cym. Gladys Whitesell 'The Charmer'
Owner: C Zappia

Cym. Dr. Len 'Ruby Sunset'
Owner: N&D Tzelis

First Class 3 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Exhibition

First Class 4 Laeliinae (Cattleya) 66-110mm

First Class 6 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Cluster 5+Flowers




Rlc. Sylvia Fry 'Supreme'
Owner: S&L Campagna

C. Orglade's Cherry Ripple
Owner D&P Booth

Ctt. Duckett Ruby
Owner: D&P Booth

First Class 7 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Species

First Class 9 Paphiopedilum Other

First Class 11 Dendrobium Hybrids (Not Australian)




C. walkeriana
Owner R Prentice

Paph. Invincible
Owner: C Zappia

Den. White Pony 'Akimoto'
Owner: P&J D'Olier

First Class 13 Vandaceous Species

First Class 14 Vandaceous Hybrids

First Class 15 Coelogyninae Species




Rhy. gigantea
Owner: D&P Booth

Ple. Mundyi
Owner: P&J D'Olier

Coel flaccida
Owner: M Maher

First Class 16 Coelogyninae Hybrids

First class 17 Phalaenopsis Exhibition over 75mm

First Class 18 Phalaenopsis Novelty up to 75mm

Not available

Coel. Linda Buckley
Owner: GJ & SW Cook

Owner: B&C Frugtmniet

Owner: B&C Frugtmniet

First Class 24 Oncidinae over 61mm

First Class 25 Species America

First Class 27 Species Other Area

Owner: B&C Frugtniet

Epi. stamfordianum
Owner: P&J D'Olier

Bletilla striata
Owner: S&L Campagna

First Class 28 Miscellaneous Hybrids not listed

First Class 29 Miniature Species & Hybrids under 20mm

First Class 31 Australian Epiphytes Species

Clowesia Rebecca Morthern
Owner: P&J D'Olier

Max. densa
Owner: F Pristov

Dock. striolata
Owner: D&P Booth

First Class 32 Australian Epiphytes Hybrids

First Class 35 Australasian Species

First Class 36 Australasian Hybrids

Den. Australian Goldrush
Owner: D&P Booth

Den. speciosum
Owner: GJ&SW Cook

Den. White Grace
Owner: P&J D'Olier

Class 40 Novice Coelogyninae

Class 41 Novice Phalaenopsis

First Class 46 Novice Australian Species & Hybrids

Coel. viscosa
Owner: T Tran

Owner: A Pham

Den. kingianum
Owner: T Tran


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