"April 2021 - A Selection of Plants Benched"

The following pictures are from our monthly meeting

Open Plant of the Night April 2021

Novice Plant of the Night April 2021

First Class 3



Coel. ovalis - Owner M Maher

Coel. Unknown - Owner T Tran


Rlc. California Girl 'Orchid Library' - B&C Frugtniet


First Class 4


First Class 6


First Class 7





Rlc. Village Chief North 'Green Genius' - Owner S&L Campagna

Ctt. Portia 'Cannizaro' - Owner N&K Koutsoukis

C. perrinii alba - Owner P&J D'Olier

First Clas 10

First Class 13


First Class 14






Phrag. Mem. Mariza Rolando - Owner P&J D'Olier

Phal. amboinensis - Owner P&J D'Olier

Vanda Unknown - Owner S&L Campagna

First Class 18

First Class 19

First Class 21




Phal. Unknown - Owner P&J D'Olier

Masd. menatoi 'Grant' - Owner P&J D'Olier

Onc. sotoanum - Owner P&J D'Olier

First Class 22


First Class 23


First Class 24



Onc. Sharry Baby - Owner N&D Tzelis

Oncsa. Sweet Sugar - Owner S&L Campagna

Pyp. Kalihi - Owner P&J D'Olier


First Class 25

First Class 26

First Class 28

Psh. cochleata - Owner S&L Campagna

Bulb. rothschildianum - Owner GH&SW Cook

Z. Unknown - S&L Campagna

First Class 31

First Class 32

First Class 35

Den. bigibbum - Owner S&L Campagna

Den. Unknown - M Maher

Den. bracteosum - Owner P&J D'Olier

Second - Class 3

Class 6

Class 7

Bc. Lindeyana - Owner GJ&SW Cook

C. Unknown - Owner S&L Campagna

C. labiata var. semi alba - A Pham

Class 13

Class 14

Class 15

Phal. mentawaiensis - Owner P&J D'Olier

Vasco. Pine Rivers 'Blue' - Owner P&J D'Olier

Coel. speciosa 'Aurea' - P&J D'Olier

Class 22

Class 23

Class 24

Oncsa. Lemon Heart - Owner N&D Tzelis

Oncsa. Sweet Sugar - Owner M Maher

Brsdm. White Knight - Owner B&C Frugtniet

Class 25

Class 28

Third - Class 7

W. marginata - Owner P&J D'Olier

Zga. Adelaide Jester x Z. Artur Elle 'Essendon' Owner GJ&SW Cook

L. anceps - Owner P&J D'Olier

Class 15

Class 22

Class 24

Coel. fimbriata - Owner GJ&SW Cook

Onc. Sharry Baby 'Swet Fragrance' - Owner S&L Campagna

Unknown - Owner - A Pham


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