"January 2022 - A Selection of Plants Benched"

The following pictures are from our monthly meeting

Open Plant of the Night January 2022

Novice Plant of the Night January 2022

First Class 3 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Exhibition



Den. secundum f. album - P&J D'Olier

Lc. Interceps - M Grasso

C. Hawaiin Wedding Song - S&L Campagna

First Class 4 Laeliinae (Cattleya) 66-110mm

First Clas 5 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Mini up to 65mm

First Class 7 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Species

Rth. Ray's Magic 'Janet'

Rly. Swan's Shy - S&L Campagna

L. sanguilobia - P&J D'Olier

First Class 11 Dendrobium Hybrids (Not Australian)

First Class 13 Vandaceous Species

First Class 14 Vandaceous Hybrids

Den. Yukidarama

Vanda sp. S&L Campagna

Vasco. Pine River 'Blue'

First Class 15 Coelogyninae Species

First Class 16 Coelogyninae Hybrids

First Class 18 Phalaenopsis Novelty up to 75mm

Coel. tomentosa - GJ&SW Cook

Coel. Bird in Flight - P&J D'Olier

Phal. Unknown - P&J D'Olier

First Class 19 Pleurothalidinae Species

First Class 20 Pleurothalidinae Hybrids

Class 21 Oncidiinae Species

Stelis vulcanica - P&J D'Olier

Masd. Ganymede - GJ&SW Cook

Onc. incurvum - GJ&SW Cook

First Class 22 Oncidiinae under 35mm

First Class 23 Oncidiinae 36-60mm

First Class 24 Oncidiinae over 61mm

Onc. Kaiulani - N&D Tzelis

Onc. Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' - S&L Campagna

Brascidostele Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze' - S&L Campagna

First Class 25 Species America

First Class 26 Species Asia

First Class 27 Species Other Areas

Gongora nigrita 'Lea x self' - P&J D'Olier

Phal. pulchra - P&J D'Olier

Angcm. magdalenae x magdalenae 'Johns' - S&L Campagna

First Class 29 Miniature Species & Hybrids under 20mm

First Class 31 Australian Epiphytes Species

First Class 35 Australasian Species

Podo. australiensis

Bulb. lageniforme - P&J D'Olier

Den. tangerinum - P&J D'Olier

First Class 36 Australasian Hybrids

Second & Third in classes benched


Den. Unknown - P&J D'Olier




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