"March 2022 - A Selection of Plants Benched"

The following pictures are from our monthly meeting

Open Plant of the Night March 2022

First Class 3 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Exhibition

First Class 4 (Cattleya) 66-110mm



Ddc. magnum 'Royale' - P&J D'Olier

C. Unknown - M. Maher

C. Dal's Tradition - GJ & SW Cook

First Class 5 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Mini up to 65mm

First Class 7 Laeliinae (Cattleya) Species

First Class 13 Vandaceous Species

C. Chief Gem 'Red Jewel' - P&J D'Olier

C. elongata - P&J D'Olier

Phal. tetraspis - P&J D'Olier

First Class 14 Vandaaceius Hybrids

First Class 18 Phalaenopsis Novelty up to 75mm

First Class 19 Pleurothallidinae Species

V. Somsri Glory 'Blue' - D&P Booth

Phal. unknown - P&J D'Olier

Pths. recurva - P&J D'Olier

First Class 21 Oncidiinae Species

First Class 22 Oncidiinae under 35mm

First Clas 23 Oncidiinae 36-60mm

Gomesa crispa - GJ&SW Cook

Onc. Sharry Baby ;Sweet Fragrance' - GJ&SW Cook

Milt. Unknown - F. Pristov

First Class 24 Oncidiinae over 61mm

First Class 26 Species Asia

First Class 27 Species Other Areas

Alcra. Pacific Nova 'Okika' - D&P Booth

Bulb. lobbii var. Sumatra' - P&J D'Olier

Stenoglottis longifolia - P&J D'Olier

First Class 29 Miniature Species & Hybrids under 20mm

Class 30 Australian Terrestrials

First Class 35 Australasian Species

Den. lobatum - P&J D'Olier

Pterostylis elegans - P&J D'Olier

Oberonia crateriformis - P&J D'Olier

First Class 36 Australasian Hybrids

Second Class 3

Second Class 7

Den. Carron Deb - P&J D'Olier

Lc. Puppy Love 'True Beauty - D&P Booth

C. bowringhiana - P&J D'Olier

Second Class 15

Second Class 19

Second Class 21

Ddc. latifolia var. macranthum 'Suwada' - P&J D'Olier

Pths. titan 'Red'

Gomesa recurva - R Moon

Second Class 22

Second Class 23

Second Class 26

Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' - GJ&SW Cook

Onc. Unknown - F Pristov

Cym. erythrostylum f. alba - P&J D'Olier


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