"Orchid Pictures"

The following are links to pages showing various pictures of member's plants, in particular those that have been regarded as outstanding during the monthly meetings. As well as events where
members have participated by exhibiting their plants.   Click on the link below the plant the view more pictures

Autumn Show MarketPlace 2013
Anzac Tribute 2013
Winter Show Rhodes Shopping Centre 2013
Spring Show Rhodes Shopping Centre 2013
Autumn Show MarketPlace 2012
Winter Show Rhodes Shopping Centre 2012
Spring Show Rhodes Shopping Centre
Anzac Tribute 2011
Rhodes Spring Show 2011
Rhodes Winter Show 2011
Anzac Tribute 2010
Rhodes Spring Show 2010
MarketPlace, Leichhardt 2010
Plant of the Night June 2009
Anzac Tribute 2009
MarketPlace Shopping Centre Show 2009
Novice Plant of the Night August 2009

Winter show 2008

Spring Show 2008

Plant of The Night 2007

Novice Plants 2007

Plant of The Night 2006

Novice Plants 2006

Plant of The Night 2005

Novice Plants 2005


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